Wednesday, October 28, 2009

yay for best friends and fall :)

thursday morning i woke up in a crap mood and sat my mother down to let her know how seriously depressed i felt. after moaning and bitching she understood that i needed out. out of sb. out of home. out of my current reality. initially i offered to go with my parents to boston to go visit a family friend but after i also suggested DC to visit one of my best friends, carrie. she was like sure go ahead see if shes free and how expensive prices are.  instead of getting carrie excited for nothing i looked up prices for my visit and they were really reasonable. so i called here up and creepily asked her what she was doing the very next day. eventually she picked up that i was coming. i dont think DC was ready for the jumping pictures we decided to pursue. :)




by far one of the best reunions i have had in a long time. spent some good quality time with carebear and got a small window into her reality. makes me miss high school a lot and look forward to the future where all the besties will be back in the bay. all in all having a great trip and contemplating not leaving. not sure how her roomies will deal but im pretty sure purchasing toilet paper this morning has at least got them liking me a bit more. haha. anyways will recap the whole trip when i leave and im not sitting right next to my favorite carrie wilkins in the world. ps urrrrrrr gorgeous and the most intelligent person in the world haha

Saturday, October 24, 2009

my ever faithful job getter and assistant. iloveu

i love me some kathita. shes my fav assistant. hahah if only u lived in sb :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

nikki&ryan michelle&andrew

i had a stupid assignment due weeks ago that i just recently decided to shoot so i can pass this freaking class. anyways apparently today was monopoly night on golden gate lane in summerland so i took advantage of the situation and shot these gorgeous couples. they both seriously bailed me out of failing this stupid class. either way i have more outtakes but this was what i needed for class in the AM. fml i have class in 6 hours and i still have more shit to do. ahhh will post the outtakes soon! ps i love u guys for helping me out :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

rimayeh :)

before i left for summer, i shot my younger sister rima. shes adorable and for some reason right when i started taking pictures she started just giving me the most amazing faces and expressions. im not sure if this is because she just wanted to get it done and resume her movie or if secretly inside shes the next kate moss. either way im obsessed with the shots i got. i miss her a lot and hopefully will be seeing her this weekend :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

rob aka jacopo

i got anotherrrrr stupid assignment that was meant to replicate a famous painter's work. i pulled out of a deck of cards the name jacopo tintoretto.  ive never heard of him or seen his work but i mean its nice. im just not into this type of art i guess. since ive been at brooks i feel like ive opened up to a lot of different mediums of art. its not that i dont like it its just i prefer other things. anyways the costume store i was going to rent an outfit at decided not to open this morning.. i found it especially ironic because it the season to rent costumes hah abut i guess not. with no costume, we decided to improvise. i came up with using a black piece of fabric thats usually used for viewing the images on certain cameras.  then decided to bring it all together with my belt. haha its a shit picture but its done. 3 days left until freedom. i couldnt be happier. thanks robo for the help.

rob, the actor.

my friend, rob, wanted to get some headshots done today after he modeled for an assignment for me. the assignment is a joke buttttttt its done and im happy as hell it is. 3 more shoots total and im out of this class. hopefully she passes me haha. anyways i think the shots of rob are pretty sweet. if we had more time or i worked with my own camera (this is the hasselblad H2) i probably would have got some better shots. next ill post the shot i did for the assignment. dont get too excited.. its crap haha.

more kaylin :)

love this little munchkin


i shot a stupid school assignment a couple weeks ago that involved emphasizing hands. surprisingly im actually really happy with the shots and as usual im bailed out again by kelli. more and more i wish we had open choices as to what we could shoot and when.

sometimes i feel like this school (brooks) is too stressful and other times not stressful enough. i guess it all depends on what class im taking and who is teaching it. i dunno if its unreasonable to say i dislike most of the female teachers at brooks. however, i feel like they are the least motivating and most rude staff members. all in all im happy at brooks but im looking forward to the next part of my life.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

antony baloo

for the past two months anthony, my cousin, and i have been living together. before we moved in i made sure to let him know that he would be modeling for me full time since i HATE asking people to model for me. so far he has modeled at least once a week and im starting to think he loves it. for some reason although this is not the most flattering picture of him but i feel its his personality in a nutshell. he looks kind-hearted, caring, and curious. i feel those are some of the best ways to describe anthony. in the future i hope to photograph more of my family and try to portray their personalities. many of u know i have a large family with the most diverse of characters. miss u guys and love u all. :)

Chloe :)

chloe's second costume themed horseshow was two weeks ago and i offered to come out and shoot her. she's the cutest little girl ever. not only did i get great pics but she also won most original costume. more pics to come! nikkita can we arrange another shoot date?

montreal flashbacks?! yes please

recently i took a short unexpected trip to montreal, canada for my birthday. it was a refreshing trip to visit some of my closest friends. :) i miss them all already.. these are a few pics i took while there. first one is at a bus stop bored while SOMEONE was finishing up their first muffin. :)

this shot was a panning shot that involved my friend christa walking back and forth on that street while i tried to get something in focus. the more i look at it the more i know i could be more creative in my editing process but now i just have to focus on passing my class at school haha. more fun pics to come!


the cutest little girl in the world. i spent the afternoon with her in LA with her mom francesca and my friend kathy. she was so adorable and a natural model. i shot this for an assignment and im supposed to pick just 3 images and im having the hardest time. im hoping when the rain starts up again that we can do another little shoot :) i will upload more pics soon!

sunsetsssssss :)

my roommate, casey, has some lights that we hung on our patio and for some reason for the past couple weeks i noticed that the reflection in the bulb is amazingggggg. this is the second time i photograph the bulbs at sunset but i think i like this shot way more.


Day 1? i think so.

im hoping on this band wagon for a couple reasons.  one of them being that i shoot a lot for fun and i want a place to post stuff and to explain where i was and what i was thinking when i photographed it. check back soon!