Saturday, February 27, 2010

up, up, and away

day one. 
couldnt be happier to be with my boo.


won't be seeing this for a while...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

hello new business card.

i think ive decided on u. 

selective color. 

hahah sounds nothing like me. wonderfulllll oh well she must do. 


nope. not at all. actually in the picture it looks like a combination of power, confidence, and stress. or in one word control. bahaha surprise surprise.

sooo hungry for u

I could go for some serious pizza right now mmmmm


love of my life, bonnie to my clyde, ike to my tina, salt to my fries, rice chicken and bread to my mloukiehyeh

i will return to you as soon as i can. we are parting only because i have no where place to put you. it breaks my heart to think you wont be the first thing i touch in the morning (i dont eat breakfast). u wont be the one to cradle me through terrible traffic. no alarming beeps when i get too close to smth that might harm you. no nothing. u have left me with this empty feeling. however, contrary to you i have left you in good hands with my mother. she will clean you, feed you, give ur mind a rest since shes technology illiterate. you have left me with what? my feet...? these old things are useless. and you know i hate them. i will miss your smell, your touch on my hips and the way you get me from point a to point b. i love u and forever will. "ill be seeing you.. in the most familiar places.."

bags packed

one more day of work. 
-finalize all the paper work for school
-take all the luggage to be shipped
-gather all the electronic stuff im taking
-hand over completed company overview
-shower then pack all toiletries 
-make business cards
-make phone calls to business card makers
-get addresses for DC and montreal
-book a super shuttle
-collect money
-prepare passport/wallet/school id 

i didnt think i would have this much left to do, but im a child. i need my mom to supervise my packing and tell me whats worth taking and not taking. i dunno why but if given the opportunity to be her baby again, i take it every time. gonna miss my mom but im sure ill be enjoying the comforts of being alone again :) bags packed, and im ready. now, in fact RIGHT now id like adventure to slap me in the face. how much longer do i have of this freedom? oh.. a year. wonderful. i think ill spend the next year crying myself to sleep. fucking spectacular.

id like to end this post on a good note. 33 more hours and im sitting in my seat, buckling my seatbelt and trying to find out how im going to recline my seat as fast as i can so i can spend the entire flight fast asleep dreaming of the upcoming events. waking only to be in the arms of carebear. blah seee u soon work spouse. <3

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

marilyn monroesc?

looks like something avedon might have done :)

oops did i forget these yesterday? hahaha

my baddddd....

rain, reign


be. ee. aye. utiful.

Monday, February 22, 2010

badass show

im already so addicted. finished season one in a couple days and i loved it. its witty and never strays far away from the awkward situations. i LOVE awkward situations and that is this guys life in a nutshell. cant wait to get seasons two and three. also, the photography is really creative.. love the underwater shot.

i want to see this.

two gorgeous guys + one beautiful girl = ashmazing. 

oh hey james franco.

i miss seeing u at barrones hahaha its ok ill settle for seeing your brother at the old pro.

love of my life.

forever gorgeous. 

sweet shoots ive been looking at

mi obsesión

dexter makes me so happy. im finding i have more in common with him then i would like to admit. but lets be honest, hes the shit. creepy that we have the same thought process. bah season four come to me. 

i miss

bath time, mexico, and caseface.