Wednesday, February 17, 2010

u will be missed :(

9 more days and ill have no more access to in n out. if i was going to be gone for my birthday i would make a special request for someone to ship me a double double plain just cheese with an extra toasted bun cut in half and fries extra crispy with a dr pepper. ketchup? no thanks id rather vomit. it has never disappointed me, at most made me slightly uncomfortable but ive heard that can only make u grow. when i moved on up to the double double it believed in me and supported my decision. it has accompanied me on long walks on the beach, road trips, and sad days. needless to say its loyal, consistent, and pops up when ever i need it. gosh i will miss u but no worries it will be my goodbye and hello meal back to sf. (maybe i should be a spokesperson.)

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