Thursday, February 25, 2010


love of my life, bonnie to my clyde, ike to my tina, salt to my fries, rice chicken and bread to my mloukiehyeh

i will return to you as soon as i can. we are parting only because i have no where place to put you. it breaks my heart to think you wont be the first thing i touch in the morning (i dont eat breakfast). u wont be the one to cradle me through terrible traffic. no alarming beeps when i get too close to smth that might harm you. no nothing. u have left me with this empty feeling. however, contrary to you i have left you in good hands with my mother. she will clean you, feed you, give ur mind a rest since shes technology illiterate. you have left me with what? my feet...? these old things are useless. and you know i hate them. i will miss your smell, your touch on my hips and the way you get me from point a to point b. i love u and forever will. "ill be seeing you.. in the most familiar places.."

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