Thursday, February 25, 2010

bags packed

one more day of work. 
-finalize all the paper work for school
-take all the luggage to be shipped
-gather all the electronic stuff im taking
-hand over completed company overview
-shower then pack all toiletries 
-make business cards
-make phone calls to business card makers
-get addresses for DC and montreal
-book a super shuttle
-collect money
-prepare passport/wallet/school id 

i didnt think i would have this much left to do, but im a child. i need my mom to supervise my packing and tell me whats worth taking and not taking. i dunno why but if given the opportunity to be her baby again, i take it every time. gonna miss my mom but im sure ill be enjoying the comforts of being alone again :) bags packed, and im ready. now, in fact RIGHT now id like adventure to slap me in the face. how much longer do i have of this freedom? oh.. a year. wonderful. i think ill spend the next year crying myself to sleep. fucking spectacular.

id like to end this post on a good note. 33 more hours and im sitting in my seat, buckling my seatbelt and trying to find out how im going to recline my seat as fast as i can so i can spend the entire flight fast asleep dreaming of the upcoming events. waking only to be in the arms of carebear. blah seee u soon work spouse. <3

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