Wednesday, October 28, 2009

yay for best friends and fall :)

thursday morning i woke up in a crap mood and sat my mother down to let her know how seriously depressed i felt. after moaning and bitching she understood that i needed out. out of sb. out of home. out of my current reality. initially i offered to go with my parents to boston to go visit a family friend but after i also suggested DC to visit one of my best friends, carrie. she was like sure go ahead see if shes free and how expensive prices are.  instead of getting carrie excited for nothing i looked up prices for my visit and they were really reasonable. so i called here up and creepily asked her what she was doing the very next day. eventually she picked up that i was coming. i dont think DC was ready for the jumping pictures we decided to pursue. :)




by far one of the best reunions i have had in a long time. spent some good quality time with carebear and got a small window into her reality. makes me miss high school a lot and look forward to the future where all the besties will be back in the bay. all in all having a great trip and contemplating not leaving. not sure how her roomies will deal but im pretty sure purchasing toilet paper this morning has at least got them liking me a bit more. haha. anyways will recap the whole trip when i leave and im not sitting right next to my favorite carrie wilkins in the world. ps urrrrrrr gorgeous and the most intelligent person in the world haha

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