Sunday, October 18, 2009

rob aka jacopo

i got anotherrrrr stupid assignment that was meant to replicate a famous painter's work. i pulled out of a deck of cards the name jacopo tintoretto.  ive never heard of him or seen his work but i mean its nice. im just not into this type of art i guess. since ive been at brooks i feel like ive opened up to a lot of different mediums of art. its not that i dont like it its just i prefer other things. anyways the costume store i was going to rent an outfit at decided not to open this morning.. i found it especially ironic because it the season to rent costumes hah abut i guess not. with no costume, we decided to improvise. i came up with using a black piece of fabric thats usually used for viewing the images on certain cameras.  then decided to bring it all together with my belt. haha its a shit picture but its done. 3 days left until freedom. i couldnt be happier. thanks robo for the help.

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